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What we do!

H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED is not only exceptional on stage but also very proficient in marketing, teaching, and directing stepping entertainment productions.  Beyond the stage, H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED ENT  LLC has taught and produced stepping entertainment for Broadway Dance Center, Vital Theatre Company, numerous professionals, school programs, and community centers.  When teaching, H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED not only produces incredible steppers, but also provides students with valuable tools, such as discipline, dedication, and patience.  Whether they are on stage amazing an audience or teaching students at a local community center, H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED ENT LLC will definitely bring you “Stepping like you have never seen it before!”

What makes our Stepping Special!
At H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED ENT LLC the way we step truly separates us from other steppers in the industry.  We have created a brand of evolved stepping which features ultra-rhythms and evolved movement. Ultra-rhythms are complex rhythmic patterns with simple accents that are both easy to enjoy and extremely mesmerizing.  Evolved movement is the way we incorporate non-traditional stepping movements, which can genuinely amaze even a professional stepper.  Every moment of our existence is dedicated to evolving the art form of stepping, taking stomps and claps where they have never gone before.

Beyond our evolved brand of Stepping, we present the art form with a creativity and passion that takes it to another level.  Many individuals are used to seeing traditional step shows, but at H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED ENT LLC we go the extra distance to give them something that’s not only energizing and exciting but also inspiring and meaningful.  To see steppers transcend from the standard fifteen minute step routine to performing a Broadway caliber play and ultimately transforming their bodies into instruments is a truly inspirational experience that we would love to share with you.

What we stand for!


H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED ENT LLC exists to serve by evolving Stepping!

We see ourselves changing lives through constant evolution of the art-form of stepping!



We do things to deliver messages which are positive and do not promote ideas which negatively impact our communities.  We never sacrifice our self-respect.

We always give 1000% whether we are performing for an audience of 3 or 3 million.  Excellence is grained in every ounce of our being and we must undeniably represent it in everything we do.

We carry ourselves as true professionals.

Free Expression
We do what we do best without fear of criticism!  We express ourselves artistically without inhibitions.

We find a way when there isn’t one.  We use our creativity and knowledge to find solutions, techniques and methods to solve problems.

​Where we began

One day a former captain of Brooklyn Technical High School’s Organized C.H.A.O.S. step team was asked to prepare a team to represent the CCNY’s NSBE chapter at a regional conference.  A few days later he enlisted the help of one of his high school teammates, and in the fall of 2003, H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED was born on the campus of CCNY in NY. After several great conferences, and numerous performances later, H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED has evolved from a highly requested college step team to the first professional entertainment company, specializing in evolved stepping.  Their work has been featured on numerous stages including BET’s 106 & Park, Season 3 America’s Got Talent New York Taping, Amateur Night at The Apollo Finals, McDonald’s Gospelfest, and Sesame Street just to name a few.  Creatively H.A.V.I.C. SQUARED constantly raises the bar, producing “STEPPAHOLICS” the very 1st Off-Broadway play about stepping in September of 2006, and in 2008 creating a unique band called M.A.R.S. that features steppers collaborating with musicians, and singers in a project that is truly out of this world.