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Education Administrator

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the work that we do, is seeing the positive impact we can have on today’s youth.  We provide interactive workshops, which use stepping as tool to promote health and fitness as well as develop the mindset and approach necessary for success in school and beyond. 

H.A.V.I.C. Live!!

Evolved Mix of Stepping and Lyrics

Your audience and their satisfaction is your most important concern, therefore our goal is to maker sure they feel alive during a HAVIC Live performance.  Enthrall your stakeholders with up to 15 minutes of electrifying stepping entertainment that will include stepping choreography, freestyles, and inspiring words tailored to your event.  Happy audience, happy you, happy us.

Step Into Your Success

Academic Motivational Stepping Workshop

There are four keys that unlock stepping potential, those same keys can make the path to success visible for the youth grades 3-12 in our communities.  Through human connection and interaction attendees will learn how the four keys we use as professional steppers relate to their success in school and life, while simultaneously getting a cognitive and physical work out that only stepping can provide.  Watch the accompanying video to gain some insight on how this looks.

Step Into Your Success Campaign 2013-14

Our Commitment to the Youth!

The Step Into Your Success Campaign is an initiative to deliver the SIYS workshop to 50 schools in the 2013-14 school year through strategic partnerships with the NYC DOE, OST organizations, and Summer Programs in the five boroughs of New York City.  If you are an OST program or summer program we can deliver this workshop to all of your sites over a series of days. If you are a school administrator we can deliver this workshop to a select group of students in a day or all of your students over a series of days.


Click Here to find out more about our Step Into Your Success Campaign.

Build The Beat

Teambuilding workshop

Aims to enhance camaraderie through the musical concept of polyrhythms and a shared experience that challenges all team/staff members in an environment that encourages attendees to support each other.  We will custom tailor a unique workshop so employees will gain a new perspective on their responsibilities, co-worker interactions, and your organization's culture.

Basic Step

Stomp Clap Clap, Stomp Clap!!

Who said stepping had to be hard? Ease on into the basics of step with this introductory step class.  We will provide stepping choreography appropriate to the experience level of your audience.  They will not only leave with a new outlook on stepping but also an invigorated confidence to take on tasks that may have seemed impossible before!