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www.HSEstep.tv is your one location to find our collection of StepStyles, performance clips, and tutorials. Passion should be shared not only with people close to you but the world.  We invite you to indulge in our love for step and to share it.


Stepping Tutorial #1

Who said stepping had to be hard!? With your dedication and a little direction from yours truely you'll be stepping in no time!!​

Stepping Tutorial #5

Stomping and Clapping everywhere you go? Well we have some beats for you here at HSE. Show some friends and teach them!

Stepping Tutorial #9

5, 6, 7, 8 must be your favorite numbers by now! Already on your way to being a StepStar, keep practicing and please upload your own step videos!


How We Move (Official Release)

Don't dance? But I'm sure you move. Get up everybody and show me how you move!

Trey Songz Unusual Remix Video 

This one is for the ladies, but fellas you can get down to the beat.  Valentine's Day StepStyle.

Picture Perfect Stepping Stop Motion

Step + Stop Motion = Unique Visual Audio experience one step and picture at a time.