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A campus is a unique place where college goers learn about the world not only through books but through experiences.  It is a grand opportunity to come into contact with cultures, concepts, and ideas from different parts of the world.  A majority of the history of stepping took place on college campuses and we always enjoy enriching students' campus life with evolved stepping whenever possible.

H.A.V.I.C. Live!!

Evolved Mix of Stepping and Lyrics

Your audience and their satisfaction is your most important concern, therefore our goal is to maker sure they feel alive during a HAVIC Live performance.  Enthrall your stakeholders with up to 15 minutes of electrifying stepping entertainment that will include stepping choreography, freestyles, and inspiring words tailored to your event.  Happy audience, happy you, happy us.


Past, Present, and Our Future of Stepping

Allow us to take you and your audience on a trip through time to experience the history, present, and our rendition of the evolution of stepping.  While hearing stories of steppers based on true events meant to inspire and motive people to grasp to find and make a way to get to their dreams.


Stomps, Claps, and Body Pats... Unleashed

Steppers can create music but we also love to accompany music.  A mix of choreography and freestyle stepping to classic, top 10s, and personal favorites.  Audiences old and young will be nodding their head and/or dancing to tunes they enjoy now or enjoyed years ago.  Stepstyles are evolved stepping pieces that utilize the world's language of music to bring people together.

Build The Beat

Teambuilding workshop

Aims to enhance camaraderie through the musical concept of polyrhythms and a shared experience that challenges all team/staff members in an environment that encourages attendees to support each other.  We will custom tailor a unique workshop so employees will gain a new perspective on their responsibilities, co-worker interactions, and your organization's culture.